Frequently asked questions: Pre-K registration

    • How do I locate my child’s school? Pre-K

      Click on this boundary link here. Put in your address, then click on the black dot to verify your home campus. 

    • If my child is not able to be tested right away will they lose their spot at their home campus (the campus you are zoned for based on your home address)? 
      No, they will still get a spot at their home campus. 

    • Do I still have to provide the school with my proof of income, if I know my child will qualify for prekindergarten another way?
      Yes, proof of income is a state requirement for prekindergarten.

    • Can I print my child’s shot records from their online portal? 
      No, they will need to be provided from your child’s doctor’s office in order for it to have your child’s doctor’s name and office address. Please make sure your child’s shot records also include their 3-year-old or 4-year-old shots, depending on the current age of your child.

    • If I have several people on my lease agreement, whom do I need to provide a pay stub for?
      Everyone on the lease agreement, unless there are separate lease agreements for the same household. 

    • What type of documents can I use to verify proof of residency?
      Gas, water or electric bill, mortgage statement, lease agreement
    • Do all students have to provide proper documentation such as birth certificate and shot records prior to enrolling them?
      Yes, unless the student is identified as being homeless or in foster care

    • What is the timeline for all documents to be submitted to the school if my child is classified as Homeless or in Foster Care? 
      30 days from the date they are enrolled in school 

    • Can a child that is 5 years old enroll in Pre-K? 
      No, not in a public school General Education Pre-K program

    • Can a child that is not fully toilet trained enroll in Pre-K?
      Yes. Please refer to our Toilet Training Protocols