• Immunization and Enrollment Update

    The State of Texas has made some changes regarding student immunizations and requirements for entering a Texas School. Open the document at the bottom of the page for information on immunization requirements or view them on the web at Immunize Texas.  Highlights of the changes regarding incomplete immunization records include:

    • Kindergarten, Pre-K students, and students from out of state must present an up to date immunization record or record that indicates they are progressing and up to date with remaining needed immunizations.
    • Students transferring from another Texas School may provisionally enroll and have 30 days to get up to date shot record to school; after 30 days the student may no longer attend without up to date immunizations or up-to-date progression toward receiving required remaining immunizations.
    • Students enrolled in PfISD may not attend without up-to-date immunizations or up-to-date progression toward required remaining immunizations. They already received the "30 day notice" at the end of school.
    • Homeless students may be enrolled provisionally for 30 days without a shot record