PfISD Grievance Process

  • The Pflugerville Independent School District Board of Trustees has adopted specific grievance procedures for employees, parents, and community members to follow when they are not able to resolve disagreements. PfISD logo

    The Board encourages employees, parents, and community members to discuss their concerns and complaints through informal conferences with the appropriate teacher, principal or appropriate administrator. Concerns should be expressed as soon as possible to allow early resolution at the lowest possible administrative level. Informal resolution is encouraged but does not extend any deadlines in the formal grievance policies.

    The District's grievance process is described in the grievances policies: DGBA (LOCAL), FNG (LOCAL), and GF (LOCAL).

Submit An Informal Complaint

  • Parent/Student Complaints        Employee Complaints        Community Member Complaint

     Student/Parent Complaint               Employee Complaint                   Community Complaint

    Student/Parent Complaint

    If you are a Student/Parent/Guardian and would like to report a complaint or grievance, please click the link above for the Student/Parent intake form for a Level I Student/Parent/Complaint Form to the Student Affairs Department, in accordance with FNG (LOCAL).

    Employee Complaint
    If you are an Employee and would like to report a complaint or grievance related to the district of another employee, please click the link above for the Employee intake form for a Level I Employee Complaint Form to the Human Resources Department, in accordance with DGBA (LOCAL).

    Community Member Complaint
    If you are a Community Member, not a current employee, not a current student or parent/guardian of a current student, please click the link above for the Community Member intake form for Level I Complaint Form to the Office of the Deputy Superintendent, in accordance with GF (LOCAL).

PfISD Grievance Process FAQ

  • I am not satisfied with a decision at my child’s school. What should I do?

  • Why is the Level One heard at the campus level?

  • What are the timelines for filing a grievance, hearings, and responses?

  • How are “days” counted?

  • Which form should I use if I am an employee of PfISD and I want to file a complaint about my child?

  • Can I have an attorney present during the hearing?

  • If I disagree with my child’s placement at the District’s DAEP (Provan Opportunity Center), can the school district still require them to attend the DAEP with a grievance in process?

  • Can I bring a recording device to my grievance hearing?

  • How quickly does a staff member have to respond to my request for a formal hearing along with their written response?

  • I have been told that my grievance will now go before the Board of Trustees; however, I have not heard from staff in awhile and the process seems to have stalled. What do I do?

Contact Us

  • For questions or more information about the grievance process, please contact the appropriate department:

       PfISD Student Affairs (Student/Parent)
       Phone: 512-594-0046

       PfISD Human Resources (Employee)

       PfISD Board of Trustees (Community)
       Phone: 512-594-0012