• The Pflugerville ISD Board of Trustees has unanimously approved calling for a tax-rate election that would provide an additional $7.1 million in funding while still reducing PfISD property owners’ tax rate to the lowest rate in 21 years. The election will be held Tuesday, November 2.

    The purpose of a Voter-Approval Tax Rate Election is to ask the community to consider approving a tax rate to maximize state funding. The State of Texas gives school districts the ability to adopt 3 "Golden" pennies which maximize state funding and cannot be recaptured by the State. PfISD held a TRE in 2018 which was approved by voters and netted the district an additional $4.1 million from the state. The VATRE on November 2, 2021, would allow PfISD to adopt the last two pennies and net an additional $7.1 million in funding ($3.3 million from the State, $3.8 million in local dollars) while decreasing the overall tax rate.

Ballot Language

  • Ratifying the ad valorem tax rate of $1.4080 in Pflugerville Independent School District for the current year, a rate that will result in an increase of 8.6 percent in maintenance and operations tax revenue for the district for the current year as compared to the preceding year, which is an additional $14,227,238.

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