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    Pflugerville Police Department

    Autism Buddies Program

    Autism Awareness

    The Pflugerville Autism Buddies program promotes positive interaction between the officers of the Pflugerville Police Department and individuals with Autism (or related conditions).

    Family members or guardians can apply for an ID card below that will help officers communicate depending on the individual’s needs and provide an emergency contact if they need help.


    The Pflugerville ISD Police Department encourages families who have students with Autism or other related conditions to click on the link

    below and register for an ID card from the Pflugerville Police Department.


    Pflugerville Autism Buddies


    Or you can click here to download a paper registration form.


    Anonymous Alerts

    Click on the image above to report any threats made to harm anyone on campus, any suspicious activity on a campus, bullying and cyberbullying, cheating on schoolwork, dating violence/abuse, depression, self-harm/cutting, drug/tobacco/vaping/alcohol use on campus, eating disorders, or family abuse/neglect.