Teacher Induction Program

  • PfISD New Teacher Induction Program


    New Teacher Induction Program Flier

    PfISD is committed to recruiting, growing, and retaining highly effective teachers in our classrooms. Our Teacher Induction Program consists of three professional learning series for new-to-profession teachers with 0-2 years of classroom teaching experience. These professional learning series will take place throughout the Fall semester and will provide just-in-time support and resources for teachers. 




    As part of our Teacher Induction Program, all First-Year and Second-Year Teachers will be assigned a Mentor Teacher by their Campus Principal or Administrator. Mentors will also engage in professional learning series throughout the year that will provide Mentors with the skills and resources they need to provide strong support to our new-to-profession teachers throughout the academic year.


    • Advanced Mentoring Academy - for Mentors who have completed Mentoring 101 Academy