Attendance Credit Election - Proposition A

  • Did You Know: Pflugerville ISD is at risk of losing approximately $1 billion of its tax base on November 8, 2022?

    Due to the increase in property values seen in Central Texas, Pflugerville ISD is now deemed a property-wealthy district by state standards and is required to send funds back to the state through the state funding system commonly called “Robin Hood.”

    The Attendance Credit Election is a state-required, one-time election that asks voters to allow Pflugerville ISD to make the mandatory recapture payments through the purchase of attendance credit. If approved by voters, PfISD can make the required recapture payments to the state in this manner. If rejected by voters, TEA will identify a portion of land within PfISD to detach and send to a neighboring school district in order to reduce PfISD’s total property value. The portion of PfISD land chosen by TEA will be annexed to the new school district. Accordingly, any students living in this annexed area will attend the new school district and the detached property will be taxed by the new school district as well. At this time, district officials do not know which portion(s) of land could be chosen by TEA for detachment.

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  • What Happens if the Election Fails (AGAINST)?

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