• ACE, VATRE & Bond 2022

      General Questions

      • What is a Bond?

      • How can bond funds be used?

      • Why are there so many propositions?

      • Why do you need a bond election?

      Questions about Taxes

      • How will the 2022 ACE, VATRE, and bond affect my taxes?

      • Why does the ballot say this will be a tax increase?

      • How can Pflugerville ISD afford to issue bonds without an increase to the tax rate?

      • What if I’m 65-years old or older and receive the “senior citizen exemption” and my home values go up? Will my school taxes go up?

      Questions about Voting

      • Who is eligible to vote in this election?

      • What if I’m new to the community and not yet registered to vote?

      • How do I know if I’m registered?

      • Where can I vote?