• Attendance for Credit or Final Grade (All Grade Levels)

    To receive credit or a final grade in a class, a student must attend the class at least 90 percent of the days it is offered. A student who attends at least 75 percent but fewer than 90 percent of the days may receive credit or a final grade if he or she completes a plan, approved by the principal, that allows the student to fulfill the class’s instructional requirements. If a student is involved in a criminal or juvenile court proceeding, the judge presiding over the case must also approve the plan before the student receives credit or a final grade.

    If a student attends fewer than 75 percent of the class days or does not complete the principal- approved plan, then the attendance review committee will determine whether there are extenuating circumstances for the absences and how the student can regain credit or a final grade. [See policy FEC for more information.]

    All absences, excused or unexcused, may be held against a student’s attendance requirement. To determine whether there were extenuating circumstances for any absences, the attendance committee will use the following guidelines:

    • If makeup work is completed, absences listed under Compulsory Attendance— Exemptions on page 28 will be considered extenuating circumstances.
    • A transfer or migrant student incurs absences only after he or she has enrolled in the district.
    • Absences incurred due to the student’s participation in board-approved extracurricular activities will be considered by the attendance committee as extenuating circumstances if the student makes up the work missed in each class.
    • The committee will consider the acceptability and authenticity of documented reasons for the student’s absences
    • The committee will consider whether the student or student’s parent had any control over the absences.
    • The committee will consider the extent to which the student has completed all assignments, mastered the essential knowledge and skills, and maintained passing grades in the course or subject.
    • The student or parent will be given an opportunity to present any information to the committee about the absences and discuss ways to earn or regain credit or a final grade.

    The student or parent may appeal the committee’s decision to the board by following policy FNG (LOCAL).