Social Media Rules of Engagement

  • Pflugerville Independent School District provides a PfISD Facebook, Instagram and Twitter page for the district and community. The purpose of these pages is to share information about the district, celebrate the achievements of our students and staff, and provide updates about issues and events that impact our campuses. PfISD aims to remain transparent on social media, but comments and posts that violate the rules will be evaluated for removal.
    PfISD social media administrators monitor all postings of comments and discussion items to ensure the privacy and rights of Pflugerville ISD students and staff are protected and respected. PfISD social media administrators reserve the right to remove all postings that violate the privacy of students and staff or conflict with the district’s guidelines regarding internet access and practices.
    Positive and neutral comments and opinions are welcomed. However, a posting may be removed if it:
    • Does not pertain to the topic of a specific posting made by the page administrator.
    • Breaks the law or encourages others to do so. This includes respecting copyright and fair use laws.
    • Contains abusive or inappropriate language or statements including racist, homophobic, sexist, obscene and sexually explicit remarks.
    • Easily identifies students and/or staff in defamatory, abusive, or generally negative terms.
    • Does not show proper consideration for others’ privacy or respect.
    • Is considered likely to offend or provoke others into arguments or hate speech.
    • Advertises or promotes a product or service for personal gain.
    All discussion posts may be deleted after a 30-day period in order to maintain the most current information on our PfISD social media accounts.
    Pflugerville ISD is not responsible for user-generated content and the opinions expressed in that content do not necessarily reflect those of PfISD.
    To report an inappropriate comment you have seen on our page, please e-mail the PfISD Community Relations department at
    Although the PfISD social media administrators aim to provide feedback to comments, they may not be able to reply to every comment. If you have a specific question or concern, please call your campus or the district office.