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    Pflugerville ISD offers a Preferred Provider (PPO) dental program through Guardian Dental with a low and high option to choose from. Each plan provides benefits for various types of dental services. This benefit is available to all eligible employees and their dependents to age 26. 

    The difference between in-network and out-of-network

    An out-of-network dentist is not contracted with Guardian dental plans. This means that the plan will pay less or nothing at all to the dentist for services. You may be left with a much larger out-of-pocket portion for work done at an out-of-network dental office. 

    Summary of Benefits and Rates

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    Monthly premiums LOW plan              Monthly premiums HIGH plan

    Employee only $24.94                            Employee only $45.76

    Employee and Child(ren) $50.30           Employee and Child(ren) $101.68

    Employee and Spouse $42.16               Employee and Spouse $92.22

    Employee + Family $64.68                     Employee + Family $131.20


    Click here to view your benefits

    1. Select Register

    2. Select Guardian Anytime and continue

    3. Select first choice - An employee of a company or a member of a Guardian group benefit plan and click on "Start Registration"

    4. Accept Terms and Conditions

    5. Enter Last Name, Date of birth, Zip code, check the box, and click "Find plans"

    6. Enter your email address (work or personal) Mobile is optional

    7. Create a password and select your choice to go paperless or U.S. mail, then Submit registration

    8. Your username will be your email address and the password you created. It will send you a confirmation code to your inbox. 

    9. Enter the one-time passcode in your email.

    10. Welcome! You will be able to view your claims and print/order your card. 


    **Both dental options cover an extra cleaning, when medically necessary. 

    Service/Procedure - Prophylaxis - medically necessary

    Category of Service - Preventive

    Limitations - Limited 1 in 12 months. Covered when needed due to a medical condition. Written verification from the medical physician is required.