Pflugerville ISD Legislative Priorities

  • The Pflugerville Independent School District believes public education is the cornerstone of our society. PfISD provides a place where students of all backgrounds and abilities are given the opportunity to grow and learn. The District believes local control of schools and school programs is essential to the success of public schools across the state.

    The education of our students is a partnership between PfISD and the communities we serve. Advocate for future generations by becoming well-versed in PfISD's Legislative Priorities and Resolutions and sharing your view with your legislators.

    Based on research conducted by the State Comptroller Office, Pflugerville ISD has been identified as a district having both high student achievement and low operation costs. District leadership is committed to working with our state legislators in an effort to create an equitable and fiscally responsible school funding system to benefit PfISD and all Texas school children.

    On Thursday, June 6, 2024, the Pflugerville ISD Board of Trustees approved 4 Resolutions to send to the Texas Association of School Boards calling on action from the Texas State Legislature in 4 areas: Public Education Basic Allotment, Moving to Enrollment-based funding rather than Attendance-based funding, full funding for Safety and Security Measures, and full funding for Special Education Services. 

2024 PfISD Legislative Resolutions

  • Basic Allotment Resolution

  • Enrollment vs ADA Funding Resolution

  • Safety Funding Resolution

  • Special Education Resolution

Legislative Contacts & Resources