Problem Solving Support Team

    Having a strong Problem Solving Support Team can help a school implement the MTSS framework effectively. A strong team can also help educators understand how data-based decision making works. Team members can consult with teachers during all stages of the problem solving process and provide an objective way to identify a plan for an individual student and evaluate whether a plan is effective in helping the student (Effective Problem Solving Teams, Arañas 2016).



  • The Purpose of the Problem Solving Support Team is to...

    • Identify students needing additional support (academic, behavioral, social emotional)
    • Determine the specific learning needs of each student
    • Identify the potential cause(s) of the students’ struggles in Tier I, Tier II, and Tier III
    • Design student support plans with goals and action items
    • Determine the most appropriate intervention(s) to address the student’s needs
    • Monitor the ongoing effectiveness of the interventions and action plans
    • Revise the students’ intervention(s) when they are not achieving the desired outcomes
    • Support staff in implementation of interventions and support
    • Determine when a special education evaluation is appropriate
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