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    is to provide high-quality mathematics instruction that cultivates teacher content knowledge, ensures equitable access to all students, and promotes academic achievement. We are dedicated to fostering math confidence and empowering students to become active participants in their learning journey.


    is to create a nurturing and inclusive environment that fosters intellectual curiosity and creativity allowing students to explore the beauty and complexity of mathematics. 


    Instructional Textbooks

    Please reach out to your home campus textbook coordinator or classroom teacher to check out a textbook or receive a math consumable (select courses).



    High School

    [access through ClassLink]

    HMH Texas Go Math!


    [access through ClassLink]

    HMH Texas Go Math!

    Middle School Mathematics Agile Mind

    [access through ClassLink]

    McGraw-Hill Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Precalculus

    [access through ClassLink]

    Math Models with Application, Statistics, College Prep Math

    STAAR Resources

    Assessment Resources for Students and Families

    Released Test Questions

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    Calculator Tools

    In Grade 7 Accelerated, Grade 8, and high school math courses, students may use a TI-84+ CE or TI-Nspire to support their learning in mathematics. Connect with the classroom teacher for more information on the specifications of the calculator. Below are links to additional calculator tools students may use in the classroom or at home. Students can also access an online TI-84+ CE calculator through the Practice STAAR test online (no login required, enter as Guest)

    Desmos Scientific Calculator

    Desmos Graphing Calculator

    Desmos Graphing Calculator (Test Mode STAAR)

    Additional Resources to Support Math Learning at Home 

    Khan Academy