• I have a problem with my Chromebook. Can the librarian help?

    Chromebook problems are handled by the textbook room now. They are located to the left of the nurse, near the library, but are only open before school from 8:20AM to 9:00AM.

    If you have an issue during the school day, you can call Student IT Support at (512)-594-0212. Make sure to have your Chromebook open and ready when you call.

    Please see the PfISD webpage for additional help regarding Chromebooks (lost, stolen, replacement, etc.)


    I see that I have a fine. What should I do?

    There are a few reasons you may have a fine:

    • Overdue Book - if you forgot to bring back your book before it was due, no worries! Stop by the library to return the book, or renew it, and the fine will go away.

    • Lost Book - if you cannot find a book, you will have to pay for the book. If you later find your book, we can always refund you. 

    • Damaged Book - if a book in your possession has been damaged beyond repair, you will have to pay to replace the book.

    If a student owes fines (library related or not) they may not be able to receive a Verification of Enrollment (VOE) or their diploma once graduated.

    You can pay a fine using a credit/debit card or with cash. Library related fines can be taken care of at the library!


    How do I pay a library fine?

    You can pay a fine using a credit/debit card or with cash. For cash transactions, please come with exact change. For credit/debit transactions, we use Revtrak. This can be done in person with the librarian, or you can follow the steps below at home.

    To pay a fine using Revtrak:

    1. Follow this link: https://pflugervilleisd.revtrak.net/ 

    2. Click on “High Schools” and click on “Hendrickson High School”

    3. Click on “Library” and then click on “HHS Lost Library Books Payments”

    4. Follow the directions from there. Please note that if you have never paid for something using Revtrak, you may need to make an account.


    I need a book for my class, but I can’t find it on the shelf.

    Often, the librarian will keep books specific for classes in the back room. They are typically labeled as “IM/ASK LIB” instead of a genre. Just ask the librarian for a copy, and she would be happy to lend one to check out! 

    Word of advice: if the book is for an English class, please come as soon as possible as there are a limited number of copies available. We try to have enough for every student, but to be sure you have one, come visit the library ASAP.


    I need a textbook. Can I find it at the library?

    Mostly no. Textbooks are handled by our textbook room.