September 5, 2023 District Professional Learning Mini Conference

How do I know where to go and when to arrive on September 5? What do I need to bring with me?

  • Answer: Most teachers will attend the RTI Mini Conference at Pflugerville HS and will be split between Morning and Afternoon Groups. However, some Groups will be at Hendrickson HS for departmentalized professional learning.

    Be sure to bring a charged device to engage electronically, as well as a copy of Learning by Doing if you previously received one at our PLC Live Institute. We also recommend bringing a re-useable water bottle to stay hydrated - water fillers located throughout each campus.

Morning & Afternoon Campuses going to PHS & Departments going to HHS

  • Morning Campuses (8 AM - 11 AM)
    at Pflugerville HS for RTI Mini Conference

    • Barron ES
    • Brookhollow ES
    • Delco ES
    • Hidden Lake ES
    • Highland Park ES
    • Parmer Lane ES
    • Riojas ES
    • Rowe Lane ES
    • Spring Hill ES
    • Wieland ES
    • Bohls MS
    • Cele MS
    • Dessau MS
    • Kelly Lane MS
    • Park Crest MS
    • Pflugerville MS
    • Westview MS
    • All PE Teachers & EAs
  • Afternoon Campuses (12:30 PM - 3:30 PM)
    at Pflugerville HS for RTI Mini Conference

    • Caldwell ES
    • Carpenter ES
    • Copperfield ES
    • Dearing ES
    • Dessau ES
    • Mott ES
    • Murchison ES
    • Pflugerville ES
    • River Oaks ES
    • Timmerman ES
    • Windermere ES
    • Connally HS
    • Hendrickson HS
    • PACE
    • Pflugerville HS
    • Weiss HS
    • Provan OC
    • All PreK 3 Teachers & EAs
  • Departments at Hendrickson HS
    for Departmentalized Professional Learning

    • CTE + CTE/Tech Apps Teachers
    • Fine Arts Teachers
    • PreK 4 Teachers & EAs
    • ECSE Teachers & EAs
    • SpEd Essentials & Communications Teachers & EAs
    • SPED Behavior Teachers
    • ARD Managers, Diagnosticians, LSSPs
    • PT/OT/APE
    • 18+/Job Coaches
    • Librarians & Librarian Associates

Event Logistics

  • Learning Sites by Position: Check the list below to determine which site you will report to on September 5, 2023 for professional learning sessions.


    Pflugerville High School 

    Pflugerville High School: 1301 W. PECAN, Pflugerville, TX 78660

    Staff Reporting to PHS for RTI Mini Conference: Refer to your Campus Group to determine whether you attend in the morning or afternoon

    • PE Teachers & EAs - morning ONLY
    • GenEd Teachers & EAs for Core Subjects (includes AVID & Electives)
    • SpED Inclusion & Resource Teachers & EAs
    • SpEd Behavior EAs
    • Interventionists
    • Dyslexia Teachers/Interventionists
    • LPAC Facilitators
    • Campus Instructional Coaches
    • Speech Language Pathologists
    • PreK 3 Teachers & EAs - afternoon ONLY


    Hendrickson High School

    Hendrickson High School: 19201 Colorado Sand Dr., Pflugerville, TX 78660

    Staff Reporting to HHS for Departmentalized Professional Learning - refer to your District Department Lead to confirm Morning or Afternoon attendance 

    • *ES Fine Arts - Morning at Hidden Lake ES


    HHS Morning Groups (8:00-11:00) - will take Planning/Prep from 12:30-3:30 on home campus

    • PreK 4 Teachers & EAs
    • ECSE Teachers & EAs
    • CTE Teachers
    • SpEd LID Teachers & EAs: Essential Academics & Communications
    • SpEd LSSPs, ARD Managers, Diagnosticians
    • SpEd OT/PT/APE
    • SpEd Transition/18+/Job Coaches
    • Librarians


    HHS Afternoon Groups (12:30-3:30) - will take Planning/Prep from 8:00-11:00 on home campus    

    • MS/HS Fine Arts -- Afternoon
    • SpEd Behavior Teachers


    Departments engaging in Professional Learning outside of PHS and HHS on September 5th

Parking & Shuttles

  • Parking is available at all learning sites - look for Staff Parking signage

    • PHS attendees may also park by the Administration Building and Pfield - bus shuttles will be available for pick up from Pfield & drop-off at PHS PAC
    • HHS attendees may also park at Kelly Lane Middle School and Murchison Elementary School
    • Plan on allowing extra time to park and find your Session 1 Room Location - at least 30 minutes
    • Campuses will still be conducting student registration & school business - please do not park in any visitor parking spaces


Professional Learning Norms

    • Attend the sessions for which you are registered
    • Arrive on time or early, prepared to learn
    • Actively participate in all sessions
    • Exhibit professional behavior at all times
    • Remain focused on student success
    • Remember to sign in at each session
    • Use technology to support professional learning
    • Attire is business casual – school spirit attire is welcomed and encouraged!