• Protocols and Communication for Inclement Weather

    Any time there is a concern for an inclement weather event, we use the following protocol to help drive the decision-making process to either delay the start of school or cancel school. The concern for student and staff safety always serves as the main driver when these decisions are made, and we always strive to err on the side of caution. Each weather incident is unique, and will demand unique considerations.

    We know that when we delay the start of school or cancel the school day completely, it has a significant impact on families. We also want to ensure that we are making decisions that minimize any negative impact on student learning. In other words, when there is no safety concern in getting to school, we want to make sure that our students are at school. This is the balance we constantly weigh when making school delay or school closure decisions.

    Note: Any OFFICIAL communication will only be distributed via the normal Pflugerville ISD communications methods (phone calls, text messages, district and campus websites, original posts on Pflugerville ISD Facebook and Twitter). Please beware of copies or imitations.


  • How is the public notified?

  • When is the decision made?

  • How do we make our decision?

  • Who makes the decision?

  • How does PfISD’s automated calling system work?

  • If I know bad weather is expected in our area, what should I do?

  • How do I find out if my child’s after-school activity has been canceled?

  • How will the district make up missed days?

  • If school is delayed due to weather, what happens to Pre-K classes or breakfast meals being served?

PfISD Cold Weather Outdoor Recess Policy

  • Outdoor recess is an integral part of the school day and provides students with a break from structured classroom time. Recess promotes opportunities for physical exercise and social development.

    Children are expected to come to school prepared to participate in outdoor recess. When winter weather conditions exist, it is essential that children have the proper clothing to prevent hypothermia. Hypothermia may result if the body’s heat loss is greater than its rate of producing heat. Appropriate outerwear such as a pair of gloves or mittens, a warm coat, and hat is essential for healthy and safe outdoor play.

    The outside temperature including wind chill helps to determine cold weather safety. When the outside temperature including wind chill is below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, recess will be held indoors.