• Preparing For Collaborative Planning
    I.   What do we want our students to learn?

    Print copies of the appropriate bundle(s) for the upcoming planning session.  Highlight the verbs (the 'how') and the other key words included in the Student Expectations in the TEKS (the 'what').


    When is it taught?


    Look at the bundles and the standards at a glance.



    II.   What is tested?  How are we going to know if the students learned it?

    Print the blueprint:


    Print the blueprint with SEs:




    Other reference materials:
    Know the weight for TEKS - STAAR Spreadsheet:

    III.   Other questions that you will have:
    How doI teach the content so that students can master these TEKS? 


    DANA CenterToolKit:




    How have these TEKS been tested in the past?
    What do I do now?
    Create a spreadsheet to account for the mastery of each assessed TEKS.