• The Gifted & Talented Program
    Pflugerville ISD provides an array of opportunities and services to gifted and talented (G/T) students in grades K - 12. Emphasis is placed on developing students’ talents in the four core subject areas as well as nurturing positive social and emotional development. All G/T students are instructed by teachers trained to differentiate instruction for the gifted learner. Students are offered opportunities to participate in enrichment, extension and acceleration as determined by individual need. Student gifted services are provided first through Tier 1 instruction: Classroom differentiation. As needed, students are provided services through Tier 2 and 3 instruction, which includes Pflugerville Learning Extensions (PFLEX) and ASCEND.
    Tier I: Cluster Classrooms
    Teachers of Gifted and Talented students receive additional training on the gifted learner and differentiated instruction to meet the advanced academic needs of our GT students.  All GT students are clustered with the same teacher at their grade level.  The cluster teachers this year are:
    Kindergarten - All teachers
    1st Grade - Mrs. Scharf
    2nd Grade - Mrs. Bertram
    3rd Grade - Mrs. Quisenberry
    4th Grade - Mrs. Kloesel
    5th Grade - Mr. Williams
     Tier II: PFLEX
    Pflugerville Learning Extensions also known as PFLEX is a Tier II service for identified Gifted and Talented students in Pflugerville ISD.  Students participate each Monday for 90 minutes in the library.  The PFLEX teacher is Ms. Wilkinson, the Librarian.