• 2023-2024

    How do I purchase a parking permit? How much does it cost? How often do I need to register?



    All motor vehicles that are driven to school including automobiles, pickup trucks, motorcycles, or motor scooters must be properly registered with the Front Office each year. Driver’s license number and insurance information must be provided on this application. All school fines MUST be paid in advance of purchasing a parking permit. All obligations (including makeup hours) will also need to be met prior to purchasing a parking permit.

    Parking permits cost $20.  Please submit payment when submitting your application to the Front Office. The bookkeeper will accept cash, check, and/or credit card. (Am Express excluded). 

    Permits are valid from 8/15/2023-05/31/2024 during regular school hours.  Permits must be placed on the front window, lower corner of the passenger side.

    Unregistered and/or illegally parked vehicles may be ticketed, “booted” or towed at the student’s expense. Illegal parking is defined as parking on campus without a staff or student permit, parking in the teacher parking spaces, visitor and/or handicapped parking spaces or fire lanes and on other “non-designated areas” which may include grassy areas or double parking.  Boot removal is $50.00.  Parking at the Administration Office is also considered illegal parking and will be subject to ticketing.  Student parking spaces will not be assigned and are on a first come, first served basis.

    If a student needs to drive a vehicle other than the one that is registered with PHS, it is the student's responsibility to notify the Front Office immediately.   The student will be responsible for any fines/fees that an alternate vehicle may incur.


    Please note: *Every car that parks on PfISD property will need a parking pass (except visitors in the visitors' lot). 



    Please click HERE for the Parking Permit Application 

    Please click HERE to see the PHS Student Parking Map.