Pflugerville Middle School Licensing
    Subject Website Instructional Material Student Username Student Password
    Literature MyHRW Holt Literature s123456.stu.pfisd.net xMMDDPF!
    Math MyHRW Go Math! s123456.stu.pfisd.net xMMDDPF!
    Algebra 1 ConnectED Algebra 1 District Username District Password
    Geometry ConnectED Geometry District Username District Password
    Science Think Central Fusion s123456.stu.pfisd.net xMMDDPF!
    Biology Realize Biology (Miller & Levine) District Username District Password
    Social Studies ConnectED McGraw Hill District Username District Password
    Theater Arts 2 iLanguageArts Basic Drama Projects N/A N/A
    Art DavisArtSpace Davis Digital Art N/A N/A
    AP Span IV VHL Central TEMAS N/A N/A
    AP Span V MyHRW Abriendo Puertas s123456.stu.pfisd.net xMMDDPF!
    The student usernames and passwords above are examples. For the username, the students should use their own id number, and the password will include their two digit month and two digit date of birth. For example, a student that was born on January 9th would use x0109PF! as their password for the science books, etc..
    Please contact your student's grade level AP or our department chairs if you have quesitons.