• School Social Workers: Making A Difference!
    Pflugerville ISD has Licensed Social Workers employed by the district, and we are fortunate enough to have a full time social worker at Weiss (Briana Alejandro)



    School Social Workers provide families and students with support by mobilizing available resources, fostering positive relationships between family, school and community and developing opportunities for students to prosper in their educational experiences and beyond.

    What is a School Social Worker?
     A licensed, specially trained, caring person
     A listener
     A resource person
     A counselor and a consultant
     A group leader
     A person who assists students, parents,
    teachers, staff, and administrators 

    Services Provided 

     Provides home visits to students and
    parent/guardian to assess and address their

     Provides programs and services to parents that
    include education and referral to appropriate
    community agencies

     Facilitates parental involvement

     Provides short-term individual and structured
    group counseling services

     Provides prevention and crisis intervention

     Encourages supportive peer relationships and
    positive attitudes

     Provides guidance to student to make healthy

     Provides advocacy services for students and

     Provides case management services to students
    with severe and chronic problem

     Coordinates referrals for social services in the

     Collaborates with campus-based and district
    support services professionals

     Provides information, training, education and
    consultation services to the campus and
    communities concerning social service issues