• Weiss High School


         Weiss High School is named after the Weiss family, which came to Pflugerville in 1875, establishing a farm immediately to the west of the new high school. Over the years, seven members of the Weiss family have served on the PfISD Board of Trustees, 22 have served in the U.S. military, 97 have graduated from PfISD (many of whom were salutatorian or valedictorian), and 18 have worked – or are currently working – for PfISD. Additionally, the Weiss family has consistently served in leadership roles for the community, including church, civic, business, and farm organizations.

    Weiss opened in the fall of 2017 with nearly 900 freshmen and sophomores. The first graduating class, the Class of 2020, proudly walked the stage during a safe and modified ceremony amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The entire faculty, staff, and student body are excited to continue building the Weiss traditions and leave a legacy of excellence.



    Weiss High School is committed to its tradition of creating a campus culture that encompasses a set of core values.  As members of the Weiss High School learning community, you are invited to continue our mission and vision in keeping with these core values:


    Integrity ~ Loyalty ~ Courage ~ Honesty ~ Grit ~ Humility



    Weiss High School is

    a community of integrity and learning;

     Where teachers and administrators mentor and inspire students

    to embrace a growth mindset;

    Where students are challenged to act with courage, grit, and humility

    as they develop skills that will prepare them to be 

    Lifelong learners and productive members of society;

    Where every individual feels safe and contributes

    To our culture of pride, competitiveness, 

    And belonging;

    Where family and loyalty define our destiny.

    We are the Wolf Pack!


    2017-18 Theme

    Tradition Begins

    2018-19 Theme

    Earn Your Crimson

    2019-20 Theme

    Forge our Legacy

    2020-21 Theme

    Unleash Our Excellence

    2021-22 Theme

    Together We Rise

    2022-23 Theme

    Let the Hunt Begin

    2023-24 Theme

    The Pack Strikes Back






    Crimson, Silver, and Black


    School Song

    We lift our voices, in song to thee;

    Pledging devotion, eternally;

    Honor and courage, our guides will be;

    Friendships forever shared loyalty;

    We are the Wolf Pack, One great family!


    Fight Song

    Fight, Fight, Fight, Fight, Fight for Weiss High!  On to victory!

    With our crimson, black, and silver we shine; We will be champions for the rest of our lives!

    Our wolf pack will fight to the end; We will fight with integrity!

    We are one family, one destiny!  We are Weiss High!

    W-E-I-S-S! Weiss! Wolves! Go Pack Go!