KLMS Frequently Asked Questions

  • What about backpacks?
    Backpacks will only be used to transport items between school and home, so any kind of backpack will be acceptable.   Backpacks must fit in a student locker, where they will be stored during the day. Students may access their lockers between classes.  Students are permitted to bring a small/medium sling bag to carry personal items throughout the day. 
    What do I bring the first day of school? Only the basic supplies of a notebook and pencil are required for the first day.
    How do I request homework if my child is absent more than one day?  To request homework  you may email your child's teachers directly. Students are given the total amount of days absent as a grace period to turn in missed work.
    How do I find out if my child has any homework? Please ask your student to write homework assignments in his/her Agenda and you may also check the KLMS Staff websites.
    How do I handle absences? Students have three school days to make up missing work. Parents/students may approach their teacher for missing work as well as email their teacher during their absence to gather the work.  If there are extenuating circumstances, please work with the counselor and principal to determine any additional assistance needed.
    How can I contact the teachers? You may call or email the teacher.  All staff emails and phone numbers are listed on the Staff page.  During instructional time, calls normally go to voicemail. If you call during a conference period, please ask the main office to connect you to the teacher. You can expect a response within 24 hours. 
    Who do I call if I have questions about lunch money? Please call 594-2800 and ask to talk to the cafeteria manager.
    Can I have lunch with my student? Parents/guardians, older siblings, and anyone with parent/guardian permission may have lunch with their student.
    Can I bring lunch for other students?  Unfortunately, no.  We cannot permit a parent/guardian to bring food for any student other than their own student.
    Can I bring flowers, gifts, or balloons to my student for their birthday or special occasion? You may, but they will be kept in the main office until the end of the day for safe keeping.
    How do I get a birthday message on the marquee for my child?  Please call the front office to coordinate the message, please note that there is a fee.
    What time should I pick up my student from football games, volleyball games, dances, etc?  Students should be picked up within 15 minutes of the end of the game; students routinely picked up late may lose the privilege of attending after school events.  We recommend that students call home about 15-20 minutes before the end of the game to help parents make arrangements.  If your student does not have a cell phone s/he can ask the adminsitrator on duty to use the student phone in the office.
    How do I find out how my student is performing academically? Contacting the teacher directly is always best - email is available on the staff page.  Progress reports are sent home with students every 3 weeks and report cards are sent with students every nine weeks; the last report card will be mailed. If you do not receive a report at the appropriate time, please contact your child's teacher, assistant principal, or counselor.  You can also monitor grades by using the Skyward Parent Portal.  For access to Skyward, please contact our registrar.
    What is the cell phone policy? Cell phone use is prohibited during the school day; however, teachers may allow students to use cell phones for instructional purposes. Students are not required to have a cell phone for class. If a phone is confiscated, they must be picked up by a parent. There is a $15 fine for the 2nd time it is confiscated and the phone may be kept for the remainder of the year upon the 3rd confiscation.

    How much are PE uniforms, band instruments, etc..?  PE uniforms are sold at schedule pickup, 6th grade orientation, and Open House; contact the PTO for assistance after these events have occurred.  Parents do not need to purchase the PTO PE uniform; a pair of navy shorts and a gray T-shirt will be sufficient.  Students enrolled in Kickstart do not need a PE uniform; they will wear their Gi which is purchased at the beginning of year from the Kickstart instructor.

    Your child's band director can provide information on how to obtain an instrument.