PHS ID Badge Policy Update

    1. Students must display their current PHS ID badge and wear it around their neck on a school-approved lanyard during the entire school day.
    2. The designated time for ID badge business is 8:30-8:55 AM in the library.
    3.  The first student I.D. badge is free, and the additional replacement of an I.D. badge will cost the student $2.00.  Lost or defaced badges must be replaced at the cost of the student.
    4.  Only two free temporary I.D.s will be issued to the student per semester.  Each additional Temporary ID will be $1.00. Temporary badges are only valid on the day of issuance. 
    5. The third and subsequent temporary I.D. badge will cost the student $2.00.
    6.  Upon the fourth request for a temporary I.D., the student will be reported to the principal for disciplinary consequence.
    7. Continued violations will result in progressive disciplinary consequences such as Saturday detention or ISS. 


    ID cards/Fines can be paid online at