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    Google Classroom Sign in - Google Accounts

    Most teachers have a google classroom.  Each classroom requires a specific code that allows a student to enroll in the correct Google Classroom.  The classroom has four parts: a stream (similar to Facebook main feed), classwork (where the assignments will be posted), students (which students are enrolled in the class), and grades.  Depending on the settings, students and parents may not be able to the students or the grades section.


    ZoomZoom | PortfolioSolutions

    Zoom is a live interaction platform that allows students and teachers to see each using technology.  Zoom requires that a user has an account; using Zoom at school for remote learning requires parent permission (implied unless the parent opts out) and limits options for students to share screens or chat privately.  We maintain all requirements and guidelines for responsible electronic use and teacher:student communications.  Parents are always invited to attend but are not required to be part of the Zoom interaction.

    Not all teachers will use a Zoom, or use it for every lesson.  If Zoom is going to be used, there will a URL for the students available in the classroom.


    Clever Get Clever Portal - Microsoft Store

    Clever is a repository of resources for students.  Students have accessed this online resource in most of the their classrooms- there are links to research sites, the libraries, and other online learning resources.  These are district approved sources of information that are CIPPA compliant.


    Online Textbooks   Textbook publishers contemplate 'inclusive access' as business ...

    Pflugerville ISD has many textbooks online to assist students when they do not have their paper book.  These are the official textbooks that were adopted by the PfISD Board of Trustees and match the textbook that students have been using the classroom.


    Remote Learning PfISD We Are Family

    Pflugerville ISD has created a remote learning website.  Paper packets of learning materials can be downloaded from the site and there are some additional resources.