• Doctor Notes for Absences - Must be received within 3 days of absence

    Include:  Student Name,  ID Number & Birthdate

    Email to: CHSAttendance@pfisd.net 

    Per state requirements, all documentation must be submitted in writing. Please do not leave phone messages communicating absences and absence reasons. Voice messages cannot and will not be accepted for official attendance filing.


    Attendance is important and can effect many things for your student, such as:

    • Truancy Court
    • Make up hours
    • Course Credit
    • VOE status (to get driver’s permit or license)
    • Scholarships
    • Graduation


    Absences & Truancy

    Students are allowed to miss 10 days (or parts of 10 days) a year of school. The automated alert system will call the parents number we have on file each night to alert them that their student has been marked absent for some or all of the current day.


    Families will receive letters home to notify about absences at 3 missed days, 7 missed days & 9 missed days. At 10 days (or parts of 10 days) the truancy officer will contact the family to find out what the circumstances for the absences are and possibly start the process of Truancy Court.