Pflugerville Virtual Learning Academy (PVLA)

  • Pflugerville ISD explored the possibility of providing a virtual learning option for families for the 2021-22 school year pending new legislation from the Texas Legislature or authorization from the Texas Education Agency (TEA). While a virtual learning bill did gain support in both chambers of the Texas Legislature, it did not pass before the session ended. The district has also not received authorization from the TEA to provide a virtual learning option. 

    When considering vaccine availability, the low COVID-19 transmission rates in schools, and the guidance and rules set by TEA, PfISD is confident that the best opportunity for most students is to learn in person with their teacher on campus. 

    However, PfISD also appreciates that some families have health and safety concerns due to COVID-19. After careful consideration, PfISD decided to move forward with a limited K-12 virtual learning option for its students. Because the Texas Legislature and TEA did not authorize a virtual option, the District will use its ESSER funds and local funding to provide a limited virtual learning academy. PfISD expects to fund its limited K-12 Virtual Learning Academy, up to one year, for approximately $2.6 million. ESSER funds will cover $1 million of the $2.6 million; the remaining $1.6 million will come from local revenue. 

    If you would like to attend the PfISD Virtual Academy please complete the application

    Applicants will receive notification on a rolling basis when a seat becomes available.

    Regarding the new virtual learning program, students who participate in virtual instruction will not be assigned to a home campus or a PfISD teacher; a third-party vendor will provide the virtual instruction. Because the program is designed to allow students to remain safe while learning at home, there are no permitted on-campus activities associated with the virtual academy.

    If parents have any questions about our proposed online program for next year, please email

Virtual Learning Academy FAQs

  • My student has been placed on the waitlist. What do I do now?

  • What is the purpose of the PVLA?

  • Will students who applied for a virtual learning spot be accepted into the academy?

  • What grade levels will the virtual academy support?

  • Is the PVLA associated with my home campus?

  • Will the PVLA offer the same courses as a brick-and-mortar campus?

  • Will PVLA classes be calculated in a student’s Grade Point Average?

  • Is virtual learning a good option for my student?

  • Is this program the same as homeschool?

  • Can my student participate in on-campus classes and activities such as Fine Arts, Athletics, assemblies, or field days?

  • Will the virtual academy provide special education and special programming services?

  • Do I need to purchase textbooks and materials for my student?

  • What are the enrollment requirements?

  • What is the family's role in virtual learning?

  • What curriculum will be used for the PVLA? How will my student be graded?

  • Are virtual students required to participate in assessments?

  • If my student enrolls in the PVLA, can they return to on-campus learning?

  • Can transfer students enroll in the PVLA?

  • Can Private/Homeschooled students enroll in the PVLA?

  • What learning management system will the PVLA use?

  • What is the delivery format for the PVLA?

  • Can enrollment in the PVLA be revoked?