About Bohls Middle School

  • Bohls Middle School opened in Fall 2021 and was funded through the Bond 2018 that was overwhelmingly passed by our community during the November 2018 election. After receiving community feedback and holding committee meetings, PfISD's Board of Trustees voted to name the seventh middle school of the District after one of the community's founding families. The campus also is built on land that included one of the Bohls family's first farms.

    Denise Bohls, a former teacher of 19 years, spoke on behalf of the family when the Board approved the naming of Bohls Middle School. She cited the number of family members who have gone on to become teachers and spread across the State of Texas to educate children and parents alike as a reason why the Bohls name resonates with education in the area.

    “Teaching is in our blood and it all started in a small school in Pflugerville,” she said. “Thirty-eight teachers, 695 years invested in education. Jesse Bohls Road, on which the family has lived since the early 1900s… will be less than a mile away. The Bohls family values education, so we ask you to honor our legacy in education by naming the next school Bohls Middle School.” 

    Shortly after announcing the name of the campus, our community and students were surveyed to choose a mascot, and the Broncos won out. 

    Red is the school's primary color, taking from Weiss High School where Bohls students will feed into, with a blue accent color.

    PfISD veteran administrator Jorge Franco serves as the first principal of Bohls Middle School.