About Jessica Carpenter Elementary School

  • Jessica Carpenter Elementary School opened in Fall 2021 and was funded through the Bond 2018 that was overwhelmingly passed by our community during the November 2018 election. After receiving community feedback and holding committee meetings, PfISD's Board of Trustees voted to name the district's 22nd elementary school after one of the longtime PfISD educator Jessica Carpenter. 

    Special education inclusion and English as a Second Language educator Jessica Carpenter devoted 20 years to education, with more than 16 of those in PfISD at Brookhollow Elementary. Carpenter passed away in September after a four-year battle with cancer. 
    “She was wholly and fully dedicated to this profession: in teaching children and driving for inclusion no matter what the needs of the students might be,” said her widower, Aaron Carpenter. “She lived to teach. That is all she wanted to do.” 

    Having been influenced by one of her own elementary teachers, Carpenter would go on to earn a bachelor’s degree in elementary education and be named a Brookhollow Teacher of the Year for 2011-12. She was also the Brookhollow elementary science coordinator, and a Pflugerville Education Foundation grant winner.
    Even as she battled cancer, she made it a point to accept the invitations to graduation ceremonies of former students who hadn’t forgotten the impact she had left upon them, her husband said.

    Shortly after announcing the name of the campus, our community and students were surveyed to choose a mascot, and the Cardinals won out. 

    PfISD veteran administrator Reese Weirich serves as the first principal of Jessica Carpenter Elementary School.