• We Believe…

    • The road may not be easy, but it will be worth it.
    • We must accept everyone for where they are in this journey.
    • Our work is to pull others in, not to push them out.


    PCMS faculty and staff are dedicated to cultivating an inclusive and diverse school community through:

    • Understanding what it means to be anti-racist and understanding terms to support campus wide dialogue (i.e. systemic oppression, implicit bias, privilege, white normative culture, equity, culturally affirming, inclusive, etc.) in order to become anti-racist
    • Practicing daily self-reflection through continued learning and exposure to anti-racist resources in order to identify and examine implicit bias, recognize white normative culture, and understand and accept differing cultural values and behaviors
    • Providing culturally competent, equitable, inclusive, and informed instruction 
    • Listening to and learning from parents and caregivers in our community

    We understand that this is a living document. Our learning is ongoing and never ends. We understand it is our responsibility as a staff to educate ourselves in order to provide an excellent and equitable education to every student.


    The Cultural Competence Committee works with faculty, parents, and students to create a safe, equitable, and inclusive learning environment by disrupting implicit bias in our campus-wide systems and promoting anti-racist and anti-discriminatory beliefs and practices. We hold our stakeholders accountable to identify, discuss, and challenge issues of race, color, ethnicity, culture and their impact on our community.

    Link to the CCC newsletter: https://www.smore.com/qvrh5