• Frequently Asked Questions
    • Where can I find the Student Handbook, Dress Code Policy, etc?  Click HERE for the link. 
    • When is 2023 graduation?  2023 graduation has not been scheduled as of yet.  The Website will be updated as information becomes available.
    • How do I purchase a parking permit? How much does it cost? How often do I need to register?  Click HERE for information on parking permits.
    • What clubs are available at PHS?  There are many clubs available for students. You can find a current list in our front office or visit the Clubs and Organizations page
    • What is the bell schedule for this year?   Click HERE for the bell schedule
    • Is it an A day or a B day?   Click HERE
    • When is Early Release for the 2022-2023 school year?  December 16 and May 25 are our early release days.  You can view the academic calendar by clicking HERE
    • How do students check their email?   Click HERE to sign on to your PfISD Webmail Account. 
    • How many absences can a student have and still earn class credit? (90% Rule)  Please refer to the Attendance Policy located in the FAQ section or click HERE.
    • What happens if a textbook is lost?   If a student loses an issued textbook, they will be required to either locate the book or pay for its replacement.  Should the student find the book at a later time, they can return the book to the Bookkeeper, who will issue a refund minus a $2.00 processing fee per item.  Diplomas and final transcripts will be held until fines are paid or books are returned.
    • Cell Phone Policy:  1st Offense:  the phone is taken up and turned into office.  This will require a parent/guardian to pick up the device, there is no charge; 2nd Offense and beyond:  phone is taken up and turned in to the office.  Guardian must pick up and pay  $15.00 return fee.  PLEASE NOTE:  The student is never allowed to pick up their phone.  Only a parent/guardian that is indicated on the student's skyward account will be allowed to pick up the cell phone. The telephone that is turned in must be a fully functioning/working phone.
    • Earbud Policy:  Earbuds taken up can be picked up in the Front Office after school until 4:30 pm.  The fee is $1.00 each time the student has their earbuds confiscated. 



    • When is the library open?  Monday thru Thursday from 8:15 to 4:45 and Friday from 8:15 to 4:30.  The library is open during lunchtime unless otherwise scheduled.
    • How many books can I check out at a time? 5 books at a time.
    • How much is the fine for an overdue book? $.25/day
    • Do I need my school I.D. to check out a book? Yes
    • Do I need my school I.D. to use a computer? Yes
    • What does it cost to replace my school ID?  $3.00
    • What does it cost to print a copy from the computer?  $.10 per page for the black and white printer and $.50 for the color printer
    • What are some good internet resources for research?  Click here for websites
    • Can I purchase school supplies in the library?  
      • Plain, old-fashioned pencil or ink pen (black ink only)--$.25; 
      • Mechanical pencil--$.50; Pencil top eraser--$.10; 
      • Eraser--$.50; 
      • Folder (with pockets and brads)--$.50
      • Poster board--$.50
      • Highlighter--$.50
      • Spiral notebook--$1.00
      • Index cards (100 per package)--$1.00 
      • AAA batteries--$3.00

    Who is eligible for credit recovery?

    • Seniors have first priority, followed by juniors and then sophomores.
    • Juniors and Seniors:
      • Need at least 1 credit (any course combination)
      • Are not discipline issues
      • Do not have poor attendance
    • Sophomores:
      • Students repeating the sophomore year
      • Need 1 credit (any course combination)
      • Are not discipline issues
      • Do not have poor attendance
    • Freshmen are not eligible for credit recovery.

    What is the deadline for dropping out of an AP class? 

    Students in Pre-AP/AP classes must stay in those classes for 4 weeks prior to the teacher submitting a schedule change request. The deadline to drop an AP class is forthcoming. 


    Under what conditions may a student receive an incomplete grade and how does it affect eligibility?

    For questions regarding UIL eligibility, click  HERE