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    Karen Huffman                                     
    Karen Huffman
    Women's Athletic Coordinator
    Head Volleyball Coach
    Office: (512) 594-1452
    University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Master’s Degree in Secondary School Administration
    University of Central Arkansas, Bachelors of Science in Education
    Collegiate Experience:  UCA (1992-1996)
    Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority
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    7th-9th Weiss VB Summer Camp
    6A-Reg2 BiDistrict Champs 2023
    District 12-6A 2023 Runnerup 2023 Playoff Spirit Walk 
    2024 Tryout Information:
    A. Tryout:  August 5 
         *Check-in: 7:05-7:35 with our Athletic Training Staff**
         Session 1: 7:45-9:45 am (All levels)
          Session 2: 12:15-3:15 (All levels)
    Note: Doors open by 7:00 am, you will have to ensure you have your Rank One electronic documents completed and an athletic physical dated after 4/15/24.  Trainers will check both of these to ensure you are "green" in our Rank One system.  If you are not, you cannot participate in the tryout session and cannot make up what you have missed.   Tryouts are CLOSED for public viewing.  Parents cannot wait in the building.  Participants will meet you outside for pick-up, which is in front of the main gym entrance, by 3:30 pm.  Your athlete will exit the facility and meet you outside in the parking lot.
    Click on this link for your UIL Medial History/Physical Required Form  (must be completed after 4/15/24).
    Click on this link to access the RANK ONE Online Documents.
    Participants are expected to attend all the scheduled tryout sessions.  And again, tryouts are CLOSED for public viewing. 
    Be prepared for daily physical conditioning.  It is recommended to bring a filled water bottle and eat a lite breakfast 60-90 minutes prior to the beginning of the first session.  Athletes are on their own for lunch.  The gym foyer will remain open for those needing to stay on campus during the 2 hour break. Participants will need to have both court and outside running shoes, knee pads and be dressed appropriately for on-court drills and competition. 
          Tryout:  August 6  (could be subject to change)
           Session 1:
           Session 2:
    B. Event/Practice Schedule (Week 1):
         8/5:   Tryouts Day 1
         8/6:   Tryouts Day 2/Team Selections Announced
         8/7:   Team Practice - (2 a days begin!!)   Session 1: 6:00-8am  --  Session 2: 2:00-5:00 pm
         8/7:   2nd Annual - Meet the Pfamily (6-8pm @Pfield) **if you're selected to a team, you are expected to attend this team event**
         8/8:   Team Practice -   TBA
         8/9:   Weiss Scrimmage - 10 am (Var/JV @WHS; Fr @Bohl's MS)
         8/10:  LISD Scrimmage - 9am (Var/Leander; JV/Vista Ridge; Fr/Weiss)
    Meet the Pack VB Parent Meeting - Required Meeting for Participation.  Date/Time TBA.
    Note: You will receive a season practice calendar at our parents' meeting, all handouts are posted on our Team App.  Reminder that we will have team practices on the  Monday morning of Labor Day. There will be indicated Saturday mornings where there will be scheduled practice, wt training and film sessions.  

    C. Program Reminders as you head into Tryouts - please read

    i.     Join our Team App!  Thank you parents and athletes!

    ii.     Jewelry can be worn in practice (not recommended); not in scrimmages or competition.  No rings, bracelets, nor dangly ear rings, etc (only studs  allowed).  

    iii.     In our women's athletic programs, no unnatural hair coloring is allowed during the time you are considered "in season" in our programs.  Example of unnatural colors are pinks, greens, blues, purples, etc.  July 31, we are in season.  Our philosophy of being one unified team will be reflected in all facets of our program and representation of our sport.  Natural hair colors/highlights of blonde, reds, white/grey, browns, black, etc; those are within our in season expectations.  

    iv.     Tattoo's IF deemed offensive are expected to be covered.

    v.     Assigned practice and game attire are expected to be accounted for and worn during specified times.  You will receive a practice t-shirt order form at the beginning of season  ($60/4 practice shirts).  Game uniforms and attire will be issued.  Players are responsible for purchasing their own white knee pads, white crew/over the calf socks, black spandex will be worn for practice sessions or capri/tights.   

    A BSN Sports Team Store will be set up to purchase Nike tights, socks, spandex, knee pads, etc.  That QR code/online link to the store will be shared July 10th.  Items will be shipped directly.

    Note:  When purchasing shoes, please stay within our school colors of white, black, shades of red, silver/gray.  Shoestrings need to be white.  Nike is preferred, since we are under contract with Nike on the Varsity competition level.  Also, in the event players are moved up or down during the competition season, then we look continue to look uniform as a team and meet our contractual expectations.  Thank you.

    meredith 2023

    2023 Scrimmage Schedules (Click below):  

    8/4 Weiss Scrimmage Schedule - 10 am

    8/5 LISD Scrimmage Schedule - Freshman at Weiss


    2024 Game Schedule:

    Wolf Pack Volleyball 2024 Season Schedule - Click On!!

     2023 Takyla Brown Madison_TK_Kel_2023 2023 Kel_TK
    2023_Varsity 2023 Sara BiDist_Timeout 2023
    "Crimson Earned" Weiss Program History
    2017    Weiss campus opens: Program begins with  Fr & JV teams
    2018    1st Varsity competition season    (District 17-5A, 1-11 record)   
    2019    1st senior class    (District 17-5A, 3-9 record)
    2020    Bi-District Finalist    (District 18-5A, 9-5 record)  
    2021    Bi-District Champion; Area Finalist    (District 18-5A, 10-4 record) 
    2022    District 12-6A Runner-up; Bi-District Finalist    (District 12-6A, 10-2 record)
    2023    District 12-6A Runner-up; Bi-District Champions   (District 12-6A, 10-2 record; Overall Record: 28-9)
    Kelsey_2023 Liberty Hill Win
    Senior Class 2023                         

    8/3/23: Meet the Pack Parent Meeting Info.

    Parent Meeting Agenda

    Sign In Document

    Important Items to Remember for Program Participation:

    --> Program handbook will be shared at our Meet the Pack Parent Meeting.

    -No pass, no play policy.  Athletes must maintain a passing grade of 70% in all classes.  Our preference is no grades below an 85%.  Eligibility calendars and requirements will be shared at our parent meeting and on our Team App for you to access.  Questions, please reach out.

    -Our student-athletes are expected to be early to classes, engaged, and not a discipline concern in a teachers' classroom.  We are where we are supposed to be, when we are supposed to be there.  Respectful, kind and courteous to our fellow peers and adults.  Student-athletes are expected to communicate with teachers on needs, and actively communicate with their coaching staff in regard to absences and appointments, prior to a practice schedule.  Messages are sent via our Team App text chat options and via the head coaches' email.

    - If there are conflicts that arise with scheduling or unexpected events, speak with the head coach in advance.  We do ask that when we are in season, and you are scheduling appointments, please refrain from scheduling those on our Monday, Wednesday and Thursday in-period practice sessions.  Game days of Tue/Fri are light walk-throughs.  Your daughter involvement and role is critically important to our whole team.  When practice sessions are missed, it obviously impacts the entire team and plan for that session.  Thank you in advance for helping out here.

    Note:  In the event that a participant chooses not to comply with our program expectations or operating procedures, participation in events will be restricted until program compliance is met.  If expectations are still not followed in a reasonable amount of time, or at the direct request of the coach, the participant could be suspended from games or practices, placed on a behavior contract; or at the coaches' discretion, ultimately, program removal and a schedule change may occur.  Participation is a privilege, not a right in extra-curricular athletics. 

    At Weiss, we will always represent our athletic program, our campus and our district with class, dignity and respect.  Being able to represent the Weiss family name and the core values of our program, is a privilege and a responsibility. Remember as a student-athlete, expectations are higher for you and we are always an ambassador of our community.  Our young women do an outstanding job of representing our program and campus.  Thank you ladies.  Keep striving to be the standard, never the exception... #EarnedNotGiven



    Volleyball Forms & Links:

    Weiss Athletic Physical Flyer - Click On!!

    PfISD 2023-2024 Student-Athletic Handbook

    Wolf Pack Volleyball Participant Contract

    UIL Behavior Expectation Guidelines

    Athletic Physical/Medical History - Required 

    2023-2024 PfISD Eligibility Calendar

    2023-2024 PfISD Secondary IPR Dates

    WHS Indoor Events Athletic Policy


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