4 DMS Houses

Welcome to Dessau MS!

  • Welcome to Dessau Middle School, where we believe in the power of community and teamwork! Our school is divided into four houses: Timbers, Crotalus, Sidewinders, and Mojave. Each house has its own unique identity and colors, and all students and faculty members belong to one of these houses.

    Our house system promotes a sense of belonging, healthy competition, and camaraderie among our students. Throughout the school year, we hold various events and challenges that allow students to earn points for their houses. These events range from academic competitions to athletic games and community service projects.

    Being part of a house is more than just earning points; it's about building relationships and working together towards a common goal. As a member of a house, you will have the opportunity to develop leadership skills, make new friends, and have fun while participating in activities that challenge and inspire you.

    At Dessau Middle School, we value diversity, inclusivity, and teamwork. Our house system is just one way that we foster these values and create a positive school culture. We look forward to seeing you become an active and engaged member of our house system and school community. Welcome to Dessau Middle School!