• Spanish 1
    The ultimate goal of learning to communicate in a new language should be the ability to function in an increasingly diverse community and an increasingly demanding world market. Therefore, if learning a language and culture is enjoyable and accessible, all students will become productive members of their community.
    In our classroom community the Spanish-speaking students will build on their knowledge and move to a higher level of proficiency. They are a valuable resource in assisting each other and non-native speakers by sharing what they know. For the non-native speakers the goal is to communicate with their Spanish-speaking peers in a formal and informal register.
    All students will be provided with the opportunity to hear, see, and use the language in all contexts – including formal, professional, and academic contexts – and engage in real communication
    AP Spanish Language and Culture 

    The AP Spanish Language and Culture course is designed to help students move from the intermediate level towards the advanced level of proficiency in interpersonal, presentational and interpretative communication modes in Spanish. Unit goals are stated in the form of Essential Questions relating to the AP themes. These essential questions drive instruction; students are regularly assessed and receive formative feedback to refine communication skills and develop deep understandings relating to the essential questions. Course goals, assessments, and the student portfolio are organized in three areas: Spoken Communication, Written Communication and Facilitating Skills.
    Last year the class had an enrollment of about 29 students in both the AP and the Pre-AP classes.
     6th Grade Spanish Literacy
    The objective of this class is to continue improving the Spanish of bilingual Hispanic students in order for them to reach the advanced level before leaving the middle school.  There is a rigorous curriculum and authentic literature is used.