• Frequently Asked Questions

    1. When do classes start and end?
    8:05 a.m. - 3:35 p.m.

    2. Where can I find information about bus schedules?

    To look up bus routes and schedules. Click here 

    3. What can I wear to school? 
    Follow this link to the DMS Dress Code.

    4. What school supplies does my child need? 

    5. What does the daily class schedule look like? 
    Regular Bell Schedule


    6. How do I request homework if my child is absent? 
    Please call 594-2600 and let the receptionist, know that you would like to request makeup work for your child.

    7. How do I find out if my child has any homework? 
    Please ask your student to write homework assignments in his/her Agenda Page, you can check this daily.

    8. If my child loses his/her agenda, how can we get a new one? 
    Student or parent can purchase an agendas for $2.00 in the front office.

    9. What do I do if my child has a doctor's appointment that will cause him/her to be tardy or miss class? 
    Please bring a note from the doctor when your student returns to school. If a student leaves during the school day, a parent must sign them out. When the student returns to school, don't forget the doctor's note. Absences due to a doctor's visit are considered excused absences.

    10. How can I contact the teachers? 
    You may call the school and request to leave a message for the teacher(s) to contact you or you may also email teachers. All staff emails are listed on the Staff page.

    11. How do I call the cafeteria if I have questions about lunch money? 
    Please call 594-2600 and ask to talk to the Cafeteria Manager.

    12. What is the phone number for Petermann Transportation, if I have a bus-related question? 
    (512) 594-0475

    13. Can I have lunch with my student? 
    Yes, we encourage parents/guardians, and anyone with parent/guardian permission to have lunch with their student. Please ensure you bring an Identification with you.

    14. Can I bring flowers, gifts, or balloons to my student for their birthday or special occasion? 
    Please DO NOT BRING THESE ITEMS. Students do not have a place to keep these during the day. They can't carry them around during the day.

    15. Can students bring blankets and stuffed animals to school? 
    Do not bring these items to school.

    16. What time should I pick up my student from football games, volleyball games, dances, etc? 
    All "B" team football games end around 6:30pm or so while the "A" games end around 8:00pm. All "B" team volleyball games end around 6:30pm or so while the "A" games end around 7:45pm. Please try to be here before the event ends. You need to make sure to pick up your child by the time the event ends. Keep in touch with coaches, band, choir, and orchestra teachers for ending times of other events.

    17. How do I find out how my student is performing academically or check my child's grades and attendance records?

    We send home all Interim progress reports with students. All report cards are mailed home. We typically indicate we are sending grade reports home on the marquee to alert parents. If you do not receive a report at the appropriate time, you may call the school. Click here to see the PISD Calendar.or go to Focus and login for daily information. Contact the front office for login information.

    18. How much are PE uniforms and band instruments?

    We do not use PE uniforms at DMS. Students may rent band instruments for $30.00 a year.