• Academic UIL: 

    Students get the opportunity to compete at a variety of activities geared towards their academic strengths. These activities, which exist to complement the academic curriculum, are designed to motivate students as they acquire higher levels of knowledge, to challenge students to confront issues of importance, and to provide students with the opportunity to demonstrate mastery of specific skills.




    Tryout information will be announced soon.

    Sponsor: Gloria Cruz Gauna


    Drama Club:

    In 6th grade, students will cover: Building self-confidence on stage, Acting, Improvisation, Sewing, Pantomime, Audience Etiquette, Articulation and Projection, Scripts, Types of Theater, Famous Entertainers, Terminology, Melodramas, Movement, Character Analysis, Musical Theatre, Classic Movies, Animation, Props, Monologues, Puppetry, Pop Culture, Makeup and Stage Blood, Motivation, Concentration, Stage Discipline, Costumes, Relaxation and Breathing Techniques, about a million other things and we will perform a plays throughout the year!

    In 7th/8th grade, we review and continue building on the foundations taught in 6th grade and move on to bigger and cooler projects including writing letters to celebrities, funnier plays, building costumes from scratch, theatre research, and Hollywood style excitement!

    In Advanced Theatre, we focus on several productions and in-depth stage design, make-up, costumes, character development, playwriting and behind the scenes research in preparation for what high schools will be looking for when students move up in the following year!

     If there is any doubt that you want Band or Choir, PICK THOSE CLASSES OVER THEATRE or ART!! It’s hard to try to get into those classes in 7th grade if you’ve missed the fundamentals taught in 6th grade.

    Regardless of which elective you choose,

    ALL students are allowed to audition for after school plays.


    Drama Club was formed specifically for students who don’t get enough “Theatre” during the school day. We meet every other Friday after school for an hour and perform a play at the end of the school year. This opportunity is open to ALL students including band and choir members!  It’s free and you can come and go on the meeting dates.


    There are 3+ plays each year: The fall UIL competition play, the spring show or musical and the Drama Club performance. Some classes have plays during their class each semester also.

    Sponsor: Teri Driscoll

    Pride Club