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    6th Grade, 7th (A-M)

    Valenzuela, Joe Jose.Valenzuela@pfisd.net  (512) 594-2228

    7th (N-Z), 8th Grade

    Holtz, Laura  Laura.Holtz@pfisd.net  (512)594-2229
    The counselors at Westview Middle School would like to welcome you to the Counselor's Corner. Middle school is a time of great change and discovery and we are here to help students navigate this journey successfully. The Counseling Corner is designed to be a resource for students and parents in dealing with the academic, social, and emotional concerns that arise. Here you will find information about the counseling program at WMS, valuable resources for students and parents, and information about a variety of topics and issues relevant to the middle school years.
    What is a School Counselor?

    A school counselor is a certified, trained, and caring professional who works with all students, parents, teachers, staff and the community, in order for each student to achieve academic and social success. School counseling services are delivered in four specific ways:

    1. School Guidance Curriculum - designing, structuring, and delivering classroom lessons designed to achieve specific competencies in the areas of personal/social, academic, and career.
    2. Individual Student Planning - assisting students with goal formation/planning (behaviorial, academic, etc.)
    3. Responsive Services - meeting immediate student needs (counseling, crisis intervention, consultation, referral, peer mediation, information-providing.)
    4. System Support - school-wide program planning and implementation, consulting with other professionals, coordination of various supports for students and families.