•  Nurse's Office

    Myuyen "Mindy" Nguyen

    Please make sure that our office staff and your child's teacher have current contact numbers. A student health form will be given each year to parents or guardians to update. This information is extremely important in the event that your child becomes sick or injured while at school.

    In addition, if your child has a chronic health condition, please contact me so we can discuss how I can help your child.

    Head Lice
    Every year, most elementary schools are confronted with pediculosis, commonly known as head lice. Typically we see increases in cases of head lice during those periods following vacations; any time children begin to spend greater amounts of time indoors and in close proximity to one another or at sleepovers.

    Early identification of lice and prompt treatment can successfully prevent the spread of lice to others. Early detection of head lice is imperative to controlling the spread and the treatment of the condition. It is very important for parents to check their child’s head for lice on a regular basis. Screening at home helps to preserve the learning environment and your family’s privacy. Your assistance with this matter will be much appreciated.

    Vision and Hearing Screenings
    If your child has failed their vision screening it is recommended that you seek a professional exam with an optometrist for your child. A limited number of vouchers are available for those students who may qualify. Please contact me directly at the number listed above for more information.

    Health Status of Student
    Pflugerville ISD policy concerning the health status of students can be found in the student handbook. A synopsis is provided below. In general, ill children should not come to school or should go home if they come to school when ill or become ill while at school.

    A student may be sent home because of a health need if he/she:
    1. Appears ill and is unable to do class work.
    2. Is suspected of having a contagious disease/condition.
    3. Sustains an injury which needs medical attention or close observation.
    4. Has active head lice.
    5. Exhibits vomiting and diarrhea during school hours.
    6. Has a fever of 100.0 or greater ( a student may not return to school until fever free for 24 hours off of fever reducing medication such as Tylenol or Motrin)

    So that each student's record can be kept current and accurate, it is necessary that any major change (illness, accident or surgery) be reported. For new students this can be done at the time of registration by completing the "Health History" form.

    If the student is restricted or limited in any way due to illness or accident, a note from the doctor at the time of the student's return to school is required. If you keep your child home due to an illness please be sure to send a note of explanation with a parent signature when they return to school.

    Prescription and over-the counter medication can be given at school if it is deemed necessary that medication be given during school hours. No herbal or homeopathic medications or vitamins may be given at school. Students may not self-administer medications. Prescription medication must be in its original container with the student's name on the prescription label. The medication must be current. A permit to administer medication must be on file and must include:
    • Student name
    • Name of medication
    • Amount and time to be given
    • Discontinue date
    • Parent/Guardian signature
    The parent's instruction for administration cannot be in conflict with the prescription label. Over-the-counter medication that is kept at school for the entire year needs to have a physician note attached and the condition specified for which the medication is needed.

    Extra Clothing
    Please make sure your child has an extra pair of clothes including underwear and socks in their backpack at all times. Sometimes the students can have accidents. By having an extra pair of clothes you do not have to leave work to bring them new clothes.