Hendrickson Social Services

  • My name is Lori Carl, and I am the proud Campus Social Worker here at Hendrickson High School. I am a Licensed Social Worker with the State of Texas and have been blessed to have worked here at HHS since May of 2003, the first year it opened. I am married and have two children who graduated from HHS. I have a cat named Coco Chanel and a dog named Kaci. I love my job. Teenagers Rock!!

    I am here to serve students and their families with issues such as family conflict, divorce, illness, grief and loss, drug or alcohol abuse, teen pregnancy, peer conflict, bullying, crisis, suicide threats, and anything a student needs that is social or emotional in nature.

    I am passionate about supporting students to feel safe and heard. I am committed to educating students on how to treat each other and bringing awareness programs such as Healthy Teen Dating and Mental Health Awareness. I help parents find outside resources for therapy or counseling if needed, and I will be glad to check on students if a parent has a concern.

    Please feel free to contact me directly at 512-594-1176.

    Thank you for visiting this website. I have provided some resources on my home page that I hope are helpful to you as well.

    Lori Carl LSW


    You are important to me...