• If your student has received any vaccinations since the beginning of the school year, please send a copy of the record to the Campus Nurse, so she may update their records in our system (disregard if you have already done this). 
    Covid vaccines are now available to persons 5 and up. PFISD has partnered with Austin Public Health and Travis County to provide vaccinations to our students at multiple locations across the district. Any staff member, eligible PFISD student, and members of staff and students' families are welcome to get vaccinated. Please refer to the district website for dates and times of the clinics.
    Parents: Please make sure you have completed a health information and treatment authorization form for your student.
    This form will be required before your student can attend any field trip.
    During these uncertain times our priority is the health and well-being of your student and your family. Keeping that in mind we will also maintain the standards already in place to help keep your student safe and well while they are at school. We understand the challenge of obtaining any vaccinations that your student may need. We will work with you to help with your efforts to become compliant. Provide the School Nurse with an updated shot record any time your student receives any immunizations, including the covid vaccine.
    Kathi Girod, RN
    Copperfield Elementary School nurse
    Kathi Girod, R.N.
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    e-mail address: Kathryn.Girod@pfisd.net
     Office Phone:  (512) 594-5835
     Office FAX 512-594-5805
     Clinic Hours 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.