•  Mission Statement

    To be an integral part of Caldwell Elementary School and its community by collaborating with staff to create authentic learning for students, providing quality resources and instruction to students and staff, encouraging effective use of ideas and information, and promoting lifelong reading and learning for both pleasure and information.

    Ser una parte integral de la escuela Elemental Caldwell y su communidad al colaborar con el personal docente en crear aprendizaje auténtico para los estudiantes, proveyendo recursos de calidad e instrucción a estudiantes y personal, alentando el uso efectivo de ideas e información, y promoviendo hábitos de lectura y aprendizaje de por vida para ambos placer e información.
    Flexible Schedule
    Flexible scheduling allows the library media center to be used when needed by individuals, groups and/or classes. Mutual planning by the librarian and classroom teachers allows for the integration of information skills and literature into classroom curriculum.

    Classes are scheduled as teacher and librarian jointly define a need. That may vary for example from one-hour block every day in a given week to two consecutive forty-five minute blocks depending on curricular needs.

    The word "flexible" is the key. Individuals and small groups can use the library media center as often as necessary.

    Focus on Flexible Scheduling states that students will gain:

    1. Access to resources for curricular needs, enrichment, and enjoyment.

    2. Strategies for using and analyzing information for multiple formats.

    3. Development of critical thinking skills with which to harness the information explosion.

    4. Tools for lifelong learning.

    In addition, the American Library Association (ALA) and American Association of School Libraries (AASL) have a Position Statement on Flexible Scheduling. If you have any questions, please email Mrs. Balusek or come by the library. Thanks to the flexible schedule our doors are always open.
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