As the school counselor, I get the privilege of working with every student in the school! I completed my Bachelor's of Science at Texas State University and my Master's of Education at Texas A&M University-Central Texas. I was a teacher before I joined the counseling world. I love my job! Every day is a new adventure and I just LOVE working with children! My goal is to help the students FEEL successful so they can BE successful!
     Counseling Program Overview
    The school counseling program assists students in having a successful school experience by providing services such as classroom counselor lessons, small counseling groups, individual counseling, mentoring programs, community referrals, and assessments.
     Classroom Counselor Lessons
    Each month I will be visiting classrooms to teach students interpersonal and intra-personal skills.
       September: Personal Safety
       October: Bully Prevention  
       November: Respect                       
       December: Caring
       January: Responsibility                    
       February: Fairness
       March:Career Awareness             
       April: Trustworthiness   
       May: Citizenship

    Small groups

    Small counseling groups are offered in the fall and the spring. These groups are designed to teach students a process of identifying their goals and specific skills to be able to reach their goals. 

    Students are chosen because a teacher or parent thinks they may benefit from and enjoy the group. Small group members meet once a week over the course of six to eight weeks. Students are required to obtain parental permission before attending any small counseling group.

    Individual counseling

    Individual counseling is offered on an as needed basis. The school counselor can provide parents with information for referrals to counselors and/or therapists in the community if needed.

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