• PACE Mission

    Our mission at Pflugerville Academic and Career Education High School is to provide a quality, accelerated education with a commitment to excellence by facilitating academic and behavioral learning in a safe and nurturing environment. We will help foster independent self-learners and quality, self-governing citizens who will function productively in their post high school lives.

    We will be consistent and fair, caring but firm, understanding, but uncompromising regarding standards.

    Our Vision

    PACE is a truly positive, life-changing experience for every student we serve.

    PACE is an academic institution where students gain a deep understanding of each academic subject. The students learn to be productive, self-governing, character-based citizens. The staff will unselfishly model for, teach and support each student. The students leave PACE with the ability to compete and succeed in any arena.

    Our students are...

    • Productive citizens committed to the community.
    • Enthusiastic learners who practice continual self-development.
    • Sensitive to others’ needs and feel safe, both physically and emotionally.
    • Applying and understanding technology.
    • Positive role models
    • Setting challenging personal goals to achieve their full potential.
    • Effective problem solvers and decision makers who communicate clearly and work well independently and as team members.