• The Riojas Elementary School mascot is the Patriot, in honor of the school's namesake, Staff Sgt. Jose Riojas, a WWII veteran from Pflugerville died on July 28, 1944, while in combat in France.  Jose Riojas was born and raised in Pflugerville before enlisting in the Army. He was part of the Civilian Conservation Corps in Pflugerville and involved in projects such as soil erosion prevention, fence buildings, building and repairing bridges. 

    He was killed in battle while leading a rifle squad in St. Jean des Baisants, France on July 28, 1944. His sister, Mrs. Sulema Ramos, said the family is honored to have his memory live on in their hometown.

    Jose Riojas  Riojas Family  
    Pictured above: Jose Riojas (left), Sulema Riojas Ramos and Angeles Ramos (right)