•  Volunteer Opportunities are currently suspended due to COVID-19


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                                                        Spring Hill needs volunteers to:

    Read with students

    Mentor students

    Help in the cafeteria

    Help in the library

    Help make copies

    Help laminating

    Distribute flyers to classrooms

    Plan PTO events

    Volunteer at PTO events


    Contact the office to speak with our Parent Liaison to set up your volunteer opportunity at Spring Hill Elementary! Click the link or call her at 512-594-5400. 

    Thank you for your willingness to give of your time and talent to serve as a volunteer in our schools. Your personal commitment provides our students with a valuable role model of responsible citizenship, and impacts student achievement in a positive way, whether directly or indirectly.

    National research shows that it is important for our youth to have at least three non-parent adults whom they can trust. Without this adult support, young people are more likely to engage in risk-taking behaviors. With your help, our young people can overcome adversity, succeed in school, and become community leaders.

    Volunteers are a much appreciated and highly respected group of people who make up a very important part of our educational team. The educators and staff have witnessed first hand the magic of volunteer partnerships between our community and its schools. Volunteers can read to students, tutor in a particular subject area, work in the library, or assist with special events. There is almost no end to opportunities as a volunteer.

    Whether you serve as a parent, grandparent, business representative, or community member, your participation in all volunteer endeavors is essential in developing our greatest asset - our youth. Your life experiences and resources will enable our students and staff members to accomplish more than ever before. Your contribution of time reflects the value our community has for each child’s future success. The school where you serve is one of 26 schools in Pflugerville Independent School District. Each school has individual needs; each school has its own personality. Your volunteer assignment will be proportional to the needs of the school you serve, the resources you have to offer and the personality of the school.

    We salute you, not only for your interest, but for your action! I hope your experience as a volunteer will be rewarding and that your life will be richer for the time you spend with our children.