• What is a MEN Volunteer?

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    A MEN volunteer can fulfill many different needs. A volunteer is an extra pair of hands, and/or an extra measure of personal warmth, a valuable “special” resource for classroom enrichment, a bridge between the school and the community.

    MEN volunteers come in all sizes and shapes to share their talents according to their interests and special abilities. The common ingredients, which they all possess, are warmth and enthusiasm!

    A college degree or formal education is not necessary to become a MEN volunteer. Many of the jobs available require people with all kinds of skills, and there is always training available for those who want it. A MEN volunteer must love people – especially children – and must have an open mind, a positive attitude and a willingness to work with children.

    A MEN volunteer supplements and compliments the work of the classroom teacher. The MEN volunteer makes a difference to many: the child, his/her family, his/her teacher and the entire community. A MEN volunteer gives students a chance to see positive male role models involved in school activities in a helpful relationship.