HAWK Cheer



    Hawk Nation 2020-2021 Virtual Cheer Tryouts



    Wednesday, May 20th:  Deadline to submit tryout forms

    Tryout forms must be submitted on Rank One. 

    Forms include:

    1. Intent to Participate:  Student will log in with school email to:  Google Classroom:  ‘20-21 Hawk Nation Cheer Tryouts’ code: tts3fow and submit “Intent to Participate” form.

    2. Cheerleading Handbook (Contains philosophy, membership requirements, duties & responsibilities, financial responsibilities, and more.)  There have been changes to the handbook so please take the time to read through it. 

    3. Athletics Online Participation Forms (takes you to the Parent Portal)

    Select each of the following and sign as needed: 

      1. Acknowledgement of Rules
      2. Concussion Acknowledgement Form
      3. Parent/Student Steroid Agreement Form
      4. Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Form
      5. UIL Safety Training

     4. UIL Physical Form - Download and submit to Google Classroom

         a. Fill out the Medical History Form.  If you check any boxes with “Yes”, then you are required to obtain a physical from a physician.  This is only in effect for this year due to Covid19.   

         b. Current physicals from 2019-20 will suffice for 2020-21. 


    Friday, May 22nd:  Tryout Cheer and Dance video will be released on Google Classroom for learning.

    Record the following: 

    1. Cheer (released on Google Classroom)
    2. Dance (released on Google Classroom)
    3. Jumps
      1. Double Toe Touch
      2. Combination of 3 connected jumps
    4. Tumbling - all tumbling must be incorporated on a dead mat or grassy area.  Use of spring floor is not allowed. See rubric for scoring.  You only need to perform the tumbling pass that gives you the most points.
      1. Standing tumbling 
      2. Running tumbling 


    Recording guidelines:  

    1. At the beginning of the video the contestant needs to state their name and date the video is being recorded. 
    2. You may use any type of recording mechanism including cell phones.  
    3. Recording must be at eye level to the contestant. Low video quality may result in coaches request for resubmission.


    Tuesday, May 26th: Deadline for submitting recordings.

    Video recordings must be submitted to Google Classroom:  ‘20-21 Hawk Nation Cheer Tryouts’ code: tts3fow


    Tuesday, June 2nd:  Results of the Hawk Nation 20-21 Cheer Team will be posted on the ‘Hawk Nation Cheer Website’ http://www.pfisd.net/domain/867




    Cheerleading Handbook

    Cheerleading Paperwork

    Google Classroom








    Hendrickson School Song


    Hail Hendrickson, we pledge our full allegiance,

    Proud soaring Hawks, to victory on high;

    With loyal hearts so brave and true,

    We will honor the silver and blue.


    Sharing mem’ries dear, throughout the years always faithful we will prove.


    Long may we strive to triumph with pride,

    Lift our united voices, ringing through,

    Hendrickson we proclaim devotion to you.


    Hendrickson Hawks Fight Song! 

    Hendrickson Hawks are soaring high,

    It’s victory tonight!


    We’re always high above the rest

    Just put us to the test.


    Hendrickson Hawks, Silver and Blue

    We’re loyal and we’re true.

    Oh Hawks, we’re faithful to the end,

    Oh Hendrickson, Go! Fight! Win!