Feeding the Future: PfISD Food Services Provides Nutritious Meals for Students

  • Aramark is proud to serve Pflugerville Independent School District. In conjunction with the district, we strive to help nurture students' well-being, improve their overall dining experience, and adopt healthy lifestyles by providing nutritious menus, innovative dining environments, and wellness-based education and promotions. 

    • This includes nearly 18 tons of donated food to area food banks, assistance with Pflugerville Pfiends weekend backpack programs, and over 300 bikes and helmets for our students since 2007.
    • Since 2007, Pflugerville ISD has offered Universal Free Breakfast and Breakfast In The Classroom, both USDA programs.
    • Pflugerville ISD was one of the first districts in the state of Texas to offer CACFP supper meals, bringing the total of meals served at some PfISD campuses to four per day.
    • Pflugerville ISD has both a Chef and a Registered Dietitian who assists in menu planning and recipe development.
    • Aramark and our local onsite team help instill health and wellness initiatives that are tailored to the needs of the campus. 
    • We have a nationally recognized community relations program that not only partners with Pflugerville ISD and the city of Pflugerville but leads in addressing the needs of our community.
    • The "Go For More" is a complimentary fruit and vegetable offering program that was started in Pflugerville ISD for our elementary students.
    • Our food trailers have been recognized by local, state, and national entities (Food Network), and were the first to offer reimbursable meals. They were also designed with help from PfISD students.
    • Our P.O.D. concepts are a direct result of engaging students and faculty's needs and providing solutions. Our HHS P.O.D. is the first of its kind in Aramark.
    • We grilled over 100,000 hotdogs during Pflugerville Field Days.
    • We have secured over 2 million in grants for the district.
    • We are recognized by our communities for our engagement collaborations and mentoring programs.

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PfISD Charge Policy

  • Over the past several years, Pflugerville ISD has seen a dramatic increase in the total of unpaid lunch charges by students. By law, all school districts must pay for all unpaid lunch charges at the end of the school year with its general fund. Although PfISD has always reserved funds to pay for these unpaid lunch fees, this cost has increased dramatically over the past few years, climbing as high as $180,000 in 2022. Paying such large sums for unpaid lunches significantly impacts the district's ability to pay for employees, general utilities, and day-to-day expenses.

    PfISD follows a charge policy that substitutes the main entrée for any students who currently owe more than $7 (-$7) on their lunch account in order to decrease the amount the district will be required to pay at the end of the school year. 

    We know that good nutrition is a cornerstone of a student's well-being, and although the entrée is substituted for a district-designated alternative entrée, students are allowed to keep all sides included with the regular lunch meal. It is important to note that this only applies to students who are receiving a regular lunch. À la carte items cannot be charged if students do not have any money in their balance.

    For Parents

    If your student has a negative lunch balance or if you need support to help with the cost of student lunches, please look at the following options:

    1. Complete the Federal Free and Reduced Lunch Application, which could reduce or eliminate the cost for your student.
      1. English: Apply Now
      2. Español: Aplique Hoy
      3. Vietnamese: Tiến Trình Làm Đơn Bắt Đầu
      4. Fill out the form completely. For more information regarding the online application system, please contact Food Services at 512-594-0430. 

    2. Apply for Assistance from Pfood Pfairness, a local non-profit that provides lunch debt assistance to PfISD Families.

    3. Reach out to your student's counselor to talk about other possible options

    To Help Our PfISD Families
    • Pay It Forward
      Pay It Forward is designed for parents, businesses, and members of the community to donate funds to pay off negative food service account balances. If you wish to donate funds to PfISD meal balances via "Pay It Forward," please contact Geoff Holle at 512-594-0432.

    • Pfood Pfairness
      The goal of Pfood Pfairness in Pflugerville Schools is to ensure every student has access to hot nourishing meals. As a student-driven 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, its primary aim is to offer families the essential funds to lessen the financial strain associated with students' lunch expenses. Visit their website.

PfISD Lunch Debt Sponsors/Donations

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Negative Student Lunch Balances

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