Parent & Community Partnerships

  • Pflugerville ISD welcomes partnerships between parents, businesses, organizations, and individuals who want to share their time, talent, and resources to enrich the lives of students.

    Like all parts of our community, our schools are stronger when people with diverse backgrounds, skills and passions work together to passionately serve the best interests of our students. If your passion has led you to PfISD, we have a place for you. Below you will learn about all the different ways you can get involved.

Why Partner?

  • For students to receive an education that makes them collaborators, thinkers and problem solvers, it is imperative they see the world beyond the classroom. Together, we are creating the workforce of tomorrow. When partners invest in our students, they act as role models  and provide an additional layer of support and inspiration for students and teachers.

    Partners receive value:

    • Enhanced image when seen as an educational partner
    • Supports workforce development
    • Collaboration between employers and educators
    • Giving back to the community

    Partners add value:

    • Expertise in their field
    • Job training/ Internships
    • Externships for teachers and staff
    • Hands-on opportunities at their place of business
    • Additional resources
    • “Real-life” application of skills and improved decision-making regarding career choices
    • Increased student engagement

  • Advisory Bodies

Advisory Bodies

  • The Pflugerville Independent School District values the participation and input of all community members. Therefore, several advisory bodies have been established that consist of broad stakeholder representation to provide insight and recommendations on important issues. 

  • Leadership PfISD

Leadership PfISD

  • Leadership PfISD is an annual program where we invite stakeholders from the community to get an in-depth look at what it takes to run a public school district with more than 25,000 students and 3,000 employees.

  • Volunteer


  • Volunteering on campus is a meaningful way to give back, be involved, and see first hand the important work happening in our community.

Partnership Opportunities

    • Academy Advisory Committee: Provide insight about the latest trends in skill set, equipment, training, and industry certifications
    • After School Enrichment
    • Career Fair Speaker
    • Classroom Guest Speaker
    • District Development Activities – Serve on district-level committees
    • Extracurricular Support – Be a resource for after-school student interest clubs
    • Host a field trip at your place of business
    • Internship – Provide internship opportunities to high school students.
    • Job Shadow – Allow students to shadow you at your place of business
    • Judges – Judge school projects such as science fair projects
    • Mentor
    • Mock Interviews – Conduct mock interviews with students to develop interviewing skills.
    • Offer Scholarships
    • Pflugerville Education Foundation
    • Public Audience – Be an audience for students to showcase projects
    • Reverse Job Shadow – Shadow students during part of their school day
    • Soft Skills – Work with students on various functions of skills such as shaking hands, eye contact, business etiquette

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